Interview Transcription

We provide best-in-class IDI transcription from over ten years of experience.

Transkrypcje wywiadów indywidualnych oraz grup focusowych.

Dokładne, zedytowane, z podziałem na role i zawsze na czas.

High accuracy

Our standard transcripts have very high level of accuracy, 98% plus. We also use 1% edition for text transparency.

Role – play transcription

All speakers are precisely marked. In IDIs and focus groups we differentiate between interviewer and respondent, in meetings and conferences every speaker is marked by his name and function.


Transcripts are made in various languages, our main languages are Polish, English and German for individual order.

Checked by human

All transcripts are grammatical and stylistically checked by human, that guarantees that our transcripts don’t contain any lapses and gaffes.

We cooperate with universities from all over the world

Individual in-dept interviews transcription

We have been transcribing individual interviews since very beginning, we cooperate with Universities in Poland, England and United States. We also cooperate with research institutes transcribing IDIs and focus groups. Please feel free to send us an audio sample so we can prepare the individual pricing. You can also check costs of your interviews yourself using our Pricing Calculator. And don’t forget to check the example listed below.
“Zleciliśmy Transkryptorowi transkrypcje filmów IT business z przygotowaniem do podłożenia napisów. Jesteśmy zachwyceni pracą, nasi montażyści bardzo chwalili przygotowane teksty. Wszystko schludne, staranne i na czas. Nie mamy żadnych uwag, zastrzeżeń, nie wyłapaliśmy żadnego błędu.”
Marika Perkowska
Project manager
MediaLoona Video Production
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