Since we receive a lot of CVs and are constantly looking for successful candidates to work with us, below we present tips that will help you to write a good CV. You will also find out what we expect from candidates who would like to work at TRANSKRYPTOR.


A good application email will usually have a clear and concise subject line, such as “Job post at Transkryptor” or “Job Application”. It is best when your email address contains your first and last name. The body of your message should be also clear and informative. We do not expect to receive elaborate texts. Do not tell us what you cannot do; rather, concentrate on features that are useful in remote working which consist in transcribing recordings. It is enough to write a short sentence in which you tell us that you would like to work as a transcriber in our company. The rest is in your CV. We do not expect a letter of application.


The TRANSKRYPTOR company aims to create clear texts, therefore we are looking for clear CVs. A CV, which is up to two pages long, should contain the basic contact details and a photo. Plus your education and working experience, along with additional information such as the command of foreign languages. We do not need to know if you have a driving license or have completed a course in work safety. Everything should be condensed to just the basics in which you highlight your experience in writing and the ability to type fast and edit texts. A well-formatted text with a neat layout suggests that you can create transparent documents. The file format should be PDF.

What candidates are we looking for?

Transkryptor values most trust, conscientiousness and responsibility of our employees.
We often work remotely, so it is vital that the transcriber follows the instructions to the letter and stays in contact. For instance, if we send you a recording by email and ask you to confirm that you have received it, then we expect that you will check the attachment, confirm everything and finish the task by the deadline. It is unacceptable to confirm that you have received the recording without checking the attachment. Then, you take two days off and start working just before the deadline, which you will miss or it will turn out that the attachment contained the wrong recording and so, you did not know what to do. We expect our employees to be systematic: that is why we ask them to send a portion of the transcribed text every day by the evening.

What do we offer?

First of all, we offer regular monthly payment, always on time. Drawing on our experience we can say that the average rate is around 1,100 zlotys per month. It means transcribing three or four hours of a recorded text per week and it is true for people working at Transkryptor. Part-time, wishing to boost their regular salaries. You can also work full-time and then your rates will amount to 2,000 or 2,500 zlotys per month. The second thing is the working atmosphere that we provide. We promote cooperation and value the effort and time of our employees. You are free to choose timeframes of your work, as well as you can work from anywhere you want, it is up to you, how you are organizing your working day. It is the final product what matters – the good quality transcription.

To sum up…

If you are interested in working with us, you like writing and you are responsible person, we encourage you to send your CV to
The recruitment process involves three steps. Firstly, we choose the right CV and contact the candidate to arrange a telephone interview. The next step is undergoing internal training and preparing three transcription samples. The last step is signing the cooperation agreement. Unfortunately, we are unable to contact everyone who sends their application. If you have not received any replies from us, it means that you have not been successful in the recruitment process. Your applications and personal details are deleted.
All information that you include in your CV is treated by us as confidential and is used only for recruitment purposes.
We neither use it for marketing or spam nor forward it to third parties. We are looking forward to receiving your application and we hope for successful cooperation!


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